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At Ministry of Style we are big fans of Winter dressing. The wardrobe is all ready to go but alas the colder weather is not coming. When it finally does this is what MOS personal style will look like and styles we will be looking out to purchase. And as always keeping an eye on the op shops/vintage stores/chain stores for versions of high-end pieces to get that individual style we love. Style is confidence that comes from dressing to suit your personality and your lifestyle.

  1. A crisp white/black/navy or colour button up shirt with a shorter style knit over the top and (maybe a new way to wear those crop tops without showing your stomach!). Loving this look again after wearing it a lot in the 90’s. It’s a chic update and look’s great with jeans, skirts of all lengths (could even go a longer maxi style skirt) A biker style boot would look good as would shortie boots or trainers with or without tights.
  2. Another 90’s trend is a dress over a bodysuit or shirt/top. This is a good way of sifting through your closet and finding a dress you haven’t worn for a while and using it in a way you haven’t before (image: Juliette Hogan) Could also purchase a slip dress and wear over a long or short sleeve tight fitting t-shirt or bodysuit. Loving the resurgence of all-in-one bodysuits.
  3. I recently found a fantastic vintage Kate Sylvester pleated skirt ($5!) in a in forest green colour (very Gucci) which I will be dressing down with a grey marle sweatshirt, my Adidas white trainers or short black boots with a heel.
  4. After purchasing a suede 70’s button up – just above the knee skirt last year, I am wanting to get another year’s wear out of it. So to update the 70’s look to more of a 60’s look. I will be pairing it with opaque black tights and my Salvatore Ferragamo ballet court heels that I purchased also purchased vintage for ($4!) a skivvy or long sleeve black knit and longer style necklace.

Winter is coming!

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