After going in and out of lockdown at the beginning of this year – fingers crossed for a lockdown-free winter! These are the looks I’ll be wearing and various items I will be hunting out for over the next couple of months

Since the 1990s I have dressed in a mix of vintage, designer, and everyday pieces which has given my style an individual and contemporary edge. I still have pieces packed away from all eras and love to pull them out and mix them with new items I have acquired.

I recently purchased a pair of dark blue wide-legged cropped jeans from H&M for $30, similar to the below pic. Finally, putting my black slim-fit jeans to rest for the time being.

I will be pairing the jeans with an array of vintage style blouses and shirts and I am keen to try them with the vintage ensemble I got recently a red

frilled front blouse, 1990s Escada jacket, and Chanel belt (above) –  in which I picked up all 3 items for $10.

As for shoes I am partial to a bit of patent leather detail and love these knee-high boots from Merchant, which would look great under ¾ length skirts and dresses and under the new jeans. I’m also hunting for a stylish high-heeled pair of loafers as in the pic below.

And lastly, I have finally purchased a Standard Issue cotton tulle polo neck, I have been wanting one of these for ages as they are flattering (I have a short neck and as they are see-through it still gives you a decolletage). Perfect for wearing under dresses/tops/shirts including summer ones so you still get to use that season-less wardrobe.

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