Ideas On Dressing After Isolation:

After two months of wearing some pretty casual attire during lockdown, and even beforehand feeling a little self-conscious about what to wear on the streets at the start of a pandemic. I’m now looking forward to dressing things up again and pulling out some old favorites from my closet coupled with a couple of new purchases:

So how does one dress post-lockdown?! I’ll be opting for a high-low glam look, which equates to not being too overly-dressed or too under-dressed.  Now that NZ is coming into Winter, think distressed knee-length or longer denim skirts (love the Givenchy one below) glammed up some sequined long-sleeved tops, or a vintage-style top –  accessorised with black tights, shortie boots or a black suede/cowgirl as in the style of Isabel Marant below. Or change it up with shiny pants/skirts and a warm but style heavy sweatshirt or jersey. I’ll also brighten up my look with a mix of fashionable colours such as lilac with Kate Sylvester crop trousers or go bright with red tops/sweatshirts smartened up with a navy or blue pants/skirts or as always, black.

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