Inspiring Ideas Using Vintage and New Fashion for a Modern Twist:

Ministry of Style has been a sustainable shopper for many years scouring op-shops, markets, school fairs, et al and only buying a few new pieces each season or even each year (and these purchases can last me years) for a one-of-a-kind style.

Spring & Autumn are my absolute favourite seasons, as it’s the time to bring out those pieces that have been languishing in your closet as it was either too hot or too cold. And now that winter is nearly over, no more layering!!

I have a vast amount of sweet vintage shirts & tops that I will be styling with a denim skirt and boots and my inspiration is the See by Chloe look below. I have a couple of denim skirts in my wardrobe that look very similar otherwise I will be on a quest to find the perfect style/fit. I spent a day last week visiting a few church shops around Auckland and picked up the checked brown & black tailored blazer which I have paired with a new Zara ruffle top and on the same day the black belt – altogether costing $64 NZ dollars! Matched with blue or black jeans and a pair of ankle black boots.

My new Puma sneakers are an update on the white trainer and perfect for comfort and style, I  dress them up with pretty or structured dresses or dress them down with vintage shirts/tops and jeans and denim skirts, I love them!

And lastly, I’m on the scout for a pair of tailored black shorts as in the Versace style below, that I would wear with the above jacket and trainers or a pair of ankle boots or heels. I actually had a pair a few years ago and I very much regret tossing them out, which goes to show that keeping pieces stored away in an archive is always a good idea.

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